CD albums fully packaged

CD + Booklet & Insert all printed & assembled in Jewel Cases

Traditional and reliable, single disc CD Jewel Cases are rigid cases made from high quality polystyrene plastic and one of the most popular choices for CD Audio Albums & sometimes DVD video packaging.

They are a three piece case, the front, the back and a tray that fits in the back part and holds the disc.

We can manufacture the booklet to be as simple as a two-sided card, or  range from 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 pages/panels. For booklets with 2+ pages we crease (to stop cracking) & folded, while  8+ page booklets are saddle-stitched.

Ua ia toe Aumai - 29, an album from the Samoan legend Felise Mikaele

Ua ia toe Aumai – 29, one of the latest albums from the Samoan legend Felise Mikaele

The insert / tray liner can be single or double-sided printed depending if clear trays or black trays are being used, the spines sections are perforated for accurate folding & assembly.



All printing in full colour CMYK
A gallery of recent Duplicated & Replicated CD Jewel Case projects – EP & CD albums
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