Getting BD, CD, DVD, BD & USB drives in to Production.

eftpos, visa, mastercard, amex, diners

We accept eftpos, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, VISA

We’ll need two items Artwork & Master before we can start on a physical Proof for you to check before we start Production. If your Artwork is in a finished state but the Master is “work in progress” we’ll make a physical Proof with no content (printed blank media) for you to check.

Proofs can be courier or picked up from Amstore – which ever works best for you.

Artwork – see Templates

  • Please create a new layer above template before placing artwork.
  • All images must extend to the 3mm Bleed Line. Please be aware that the artwork will be cut along the Cut Line. All text and vital information should be kept more than 5mm from the Cut Lines.
  • Images work best at 300 DPI resolution – Gray scale or CMYK.
  • Preferred file is  PDF – 300 dpi X1A-2001, but usually we can work with EPS, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Any template or artwork changes are charged at $100 +gst per hour.

Any issues please contact us – Contact Us


  • Audio CD Albums – Audio Master (clean & unmarked)  disc that you’ve listen to!
  • Audio files in MP3 (high quality), AIFF & Wav format but PLEASE ADVISE US of this – we charge a $45+gst minimum for Audio CD mastering
  • DDP files – we’ll create a playable Master & PQ Sheet showing  ISRC Codes, CD Text, Artist, and other details – see FAQ
  • We can add /editing CD Masters & DDP for ISRC Codes, CD Text, Artist and other details – see FAQ
  • Video as a DVD-Video or we can Author a Blu-Ray or DVD-Video from  .mov,  .mp4,  .avi- and most video formats.
  • Data / Software – Preferably in the final folder & file structure required – if not please let us know!

Any issues please contact us – Contact Us


Click email link below and attach your file provided it is less than 5Meg.

If your designer sends us your artwork, please ask they clearly mark it with your name and the Album details.