Eco 2, 4 & 6 panel disc pockets & wallets

Breastfeeding Naturally DVD-Video in Eco pockets

 All printed in full colour CMYK
Breastfeeding Naturally DVD-Video in Eco pockets

The printed card wallet is a very popular choice for CD Audio Albums, CD ROM (data) & DVD Video packaging for many reasons:

It couldn’t be easier to use – the card wallet allows straightforward removal and insertion, but is a tight enough fit to prevent the disc falling out. Additionally closure-dots can be used, and the wallets can to embossed.

SOBRIQUET NATION - my very essence CD albumIf you want durable but lightweight packaging that’s convenient and inexpensive to send by post, the card wallet is perfect. Ideal for mail-outs and magazine covers.

Suitable for DVDs as well as CDs, each wallet can be printed in CMYK full colour or pantones, and coated with protective finishes enhancing the graphics and giving a high quality feel to the product. See Templates

Zipper – disc mailer

his package know a “Zipper” mailer, was developed as very economical medium for a marketing campaign that required it to be cost effective but high impact. When the zipper was pulled the disc and inside virtually leaps out!

A gallery of recent Eco Pocket & Wallet CD Albums & DVD Videos – Duplicated & Replicated discs
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Hi Rowan.

Thanks so much for the great job on our CD and cover. All approved, thanks. The parcel was very exciting to receive. Thanks for the great presentation, too!

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