OUR MISSION:  To be the leading NZ Digital Media Manufacturing & Production Company

Amstore has developed & manufacture a wide range of printed packaging case solutions for the CD, DVD & BD discs. These have been designed and produced according to our clients needs & requests for music albums, software releases, training & informational discs.

eftpos, visa, mastercard, amex, diners

We accept eftpos, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, VISA

Amstore offers a wide range of Custom Printed & Branded USB drives styles, as well as the latest promotional tool Video Brochures & Video Greeting cards for VPP – VideoPlusPrint – the fusion of Video, Sound & Print .

discs in vinyl, full back adhesive sleeves - CD & DVD in sleeves - vinyl, full back adhesive - CD disc clear and paper sleeves

Introducing the WotWots - Iva Lamkin - The Salvation Army - CD & DVD in printed pockets &r wallets

Pan Afrikan - Ras Judah & Culture Embassy - Ampak Digipak CD music album

NZSO cd jewel cases - single or double album - CD albums fully packaged in Jewel cases

Te Papa CD disc-cards + OzonZ minidisc-card - CD disc-cards + mini disc-cards

The Whole Affair & The Court of Love CD album ecopaks

custom printed & branded bulk packed cd dvd blu-ray bd discs - duplicated replicated

"the early years" DVD9 DVD-Video n Profile pocket

Classic Fighters -Omaka Airshow 2015 - The Official DVD Video - single, double, quad cases

Behind The Brush - Series One - Maori Portraits by Gottfried Lindauer - Awa Films Double DVD video in DVD case

Espiritu SANTO dive guide Blu-ray BD Video - Blu-ray fully packaged

Musopak CD album Bush, Bog, Brine & Bugle - Chris Miller - the cheapest and easiest way to get your music CD album out

What do we do

As a total service provider, we not only supply, Print and Duplicate BD, CDs, DVD videos and USB Flash Memory components, we manufacture the full package whether it’s a Video production, Editing and Authoring that happens before the DVD is pressed, or the Mastering (adding CD Text & ISRC) that is required before the CD audio album is replicated. We supply a huge range of Packaging and Fulfillment options, be it a standard CD Jewel Case / DVD case or a complex bespoke piece of creative packaging made out of eco re-cycled board. We are truly unique in our service offering and having this rare ability allows us to work with some of the worlds leading companies.

eftpos, visa, mastercard, amex, diners

eftpos, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, VISA