Silver & Ballard NZ purchased by Amstore

silver-&-ballard NZ-purchased by-amstore

Dear customer

After 20 years as one of New Zealand’s biggest optical media replication and duplication businesses, regrettably Silver and Ballard are closing down.

Don’t panic though, there is no need to look elsewhere for optical media services. As one door closes another opens and we are extremely excited to announce that Amstore, New Zealand’s leading optical media services provider, has taken over operations.

Amstore is owned and operated by ABC photosigns NZ LTD.  Amstore has been in providing media services since 1998 and located in Penrose, Auckland. They offer a comprehensive range of services including

  • DVD and CD replication

  • DVD and CD duplication In-house customised printing services

  • Authoring

  • Case and blank media sales

  • USB services

Amstore have all the same customer first values, depth of services and focus on best quality outcomes that you have come to expect from Silver and Ballard.

Silver and Ballard will be continuing finalise existing business, however, from the 18th of August please contact Amstore for all new projects. For existing projects and to finalise accounts please contact Heather on 09 969 9681 at

Thanks and Regards


Ron Anderson Managing Director