PDF templates of all our disc & packaging print options

We have created PDF templates for the major design applications. These are set-up with precisely the correct dimensions and are set at the correct dpi resolution, and include a 3mm bleed area where appropriate so when guillotining / cutting down there is no danger of a white non-printed border showing on the edges. All the packaging templates will work equally as well for CD, DVD or BD either replicated or duplicated.

  • Please create a new layer above template before placing artwork.
  • All images must extend to the Bleed Line. Please be aware that the artwork will be cut along the Cut Line. All text and vital information should be kept within 5mm of the Cut Lines.
  • All supporting image files work best at 300 DPI resolution and must be in either Gray scale or CMYK.
  • Preferred file is  PDF – 300 dpi X1A-2001, but usually we can work with EPS, TIFF and JPEG.
  • If precise Colour matching is require please let us know the Pantone colours needed or/and send us a sample to match to.
  • Please  contact us, if you have any questions or  if a template is not  showing.