Who are we?

Amstore was established in 1998 and is now a leading Digital Media Production & Manufacturing company specializing in the supply, printing, Duplication / Replication and packaging for all digital media formats including CD, DVD video, BD, USB memory cards & VPP Video Brochures / Video Business Cards. Originally founded in New Zealand, the group has expanded rapidly with an autonomous European operation headquartered in London. We are a privately owned group with key shareholders involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

Our many years of experience in Manufacturing Audio albums, Data CDs, DVD videos, USB Flash Memory products & Videopaks has allowed us to become a preferred supplier to the Music, Corporate, Film & Movie Entertainment markets all around the world. With partners spanning from Asia to America… Europe to Australia we are able to offer a truly exceptional service and a seamless ‘one stop’ solution. We have the ability to very quickly and efficiently Duplicate any quantity, from 20 units to millions.

What do we do

As a total service provider, we not only supply, Print and Duplicate CDs, DVDs, BDs  videos, Custom Branded USB Flash Memory & Videopaks, we manufacture the full package whether it’s a video production, Editing and Authoring that happens before the CD, DVD  or BD is pressed, or add the ISRC and CD Text before the CD audio album is replicated. We supply a huge range of Packaging and Fulfillment, be it a standard CD Jewel Case / DVD Amray case or a complex bespoke piece of creative packaging made out of eco re-cycled board. We are truly unique in our service offering and having this rare ability allows us to work with some of the worlds leading companies

What makes us special

Our entrenched company culture is to work hard each and every day to amaze everyone with our cutting edge systems, creative solutions, consistent & dependable service and huge ambition. We make the magic happen by having an obsessive attention to detail and a ‘can do’ attitude towards our clients. We like to do what our competition says can’t be done!

We continually invest to make possible our innovation and creativity. Our business philosophy is that many options make light work. This way we will continue to grow and successfully support the music, corporate and entertainment markets. Your choices today will effect your results tomorrow and by using Amstore, we aim to improve your efficiency in relation to all your digital media production requirements.

Our reputation can be measured by the amount of orders we process daily and the huge cross section of clients who choose to work with us on an on-going basis. We take to the market a unique approach that keeps our clients loyal to us. SERVICE… TRUST….PRICE… QUALITY.