Retail Barcodes for CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Products

Audio Music CD Albums & DVD Videos need a barcode to get onto shelves of music stores & distributors.

The Brand Owner of the Intellectual Property need to contact GS1 for a NZ registered EAN-13 number.

GS1 – Toll Free 0800 10 23 56

A GS1 One Number membership is available if you only need  one barcode, cost is $129+gst (one-off fee applies), which includes a free verification (worth $85 to non-members). Amstore recommends that Barcodes are Verified by GS1 before approving any Production.

To the right are the EAN-13 Barcode Standard sizes for 1.0X and 0.8X with white space margins required.

ean-13 ean13barcode standard sizing

Barcode ean-13 ean13 – standard sizing