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Duplication or Replication?

Disc Duplication

(Also known as copying)



  • Duplication is the more cost-effective option when producing up to 500 units.



  • With our Duplication service, you can have as few as 20 or anywhere up to around 2000 copies made.

  • If you want more than 2000 units, we advise you to choose Replication.

Production time:

  • Duplication is very fast as the set up required to begin manufacturing is minimal.

  • Depending on your order's size, we should be able to produce it within 1 - 3 working days.


Production Method:

  • The Duplication process is the burning of content to a blank recordable disk.

  • Then disc's label is either printed using a CMYK Ink-Jet and is UV coated or printed with our Xerox 8000AP onto paper.

Disc Replication

(Also known as pressing or glass-mastering)



  • Replication is more cost-effective when producing more than 500 units.


  • With our Replication service, the minimum number of units is 300, but there is no maximum order size!

Production time:

  • Replication has a longer initial production time as the glass master needs to be produced before any discs can be pressed.

  • Production time can be anywhere from 5 to 10 days, depending on the order size.

Production Method:

  • A custom made nickel stamper is loaded onto a replication line.

  • Copies are replicated by injection moulding hot liquid polycarbonate into the stamper to form the shape of a CD/DVD.

  • Once the discs are pressed, metallised, lacquered, and UV cured.

  • The disc's label is then printed via screen printing or with CMYK offset, depending on the design.


The replication process is sometimes considered the more professional of the two techniques, as Replicated discs are favoured for retail. However, there is very little difference between a Replicated disc and a Duplicated disc that we make here at abc Amstore.

We recommend Audio Albums and DVD Videos that you choose to replicate if you are comfortable with the minimum quantity of 300 and if you have the time. It has been known that media playability issues can occur when newer discs are duplicated when on some older models of CD/DVD players. We only use the highest quality, Grade ‘A’ blank media in our production process, so we do not experience such rejects.

Sometimes, Replication can be done quicker,  so please Contact Us to see how quickly we can process your order today!

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